Why choose Project Skin MD®?

Aging gracefully, together.

We believe looking our best helps us feel our best. We open our doors each morning to help our patients feel confident, inspired and happier – ready to take on the world.

We are passionate about skin health and natural beauty. We are skin gurus and thrive on sharing our passion and knowledge. We specialize in aesthetic and laser medicine and advanced skincare and give you the tools to make well-informed skin care decisions – all in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

We pledge to always offer you our best – with clinical excellence and your safety at the forefront of our practice. You deserve to experience something extraordinary… because you are extraordinary.

Welcome to Project Skin MD®. We’re on this journey together – let’s make it beautiful.

Our Vision

You ask, “what’s in a name?” So did we. Our story began with three commitments:

  • A devotion to caring for the health and beauty of skin.
  • A desire to embark on a lifelong relationship with our Vancouver patients by tending to their unique and evolving skin needs.
  • A dedication to foster a warm, happy environment and create something extraordinary. We care for the long-term wellness of our people, and so Project Skin MD® represents the journey from skin health prevention to corrective interventions and on to maintenance strategies.

Where We Set Our Coffee Cups

Our centre for aesthetic and laser medicine is fully appointed with state-of-the-art technologies and skincare products for an inclusive approach to skin health.

A fusion of West Coast charm and New York sophistication will transport you from the bustle of Vancouver city life to a serene setting for health and beauty. Every finishing has been thoughtfully considered to reflect our natural, artistic and detail-oriented personality.

P.S. We Walk To Work

Nestled amidst the heart of Vancouver’s trendy South Granville community and in the company of extraordinary neighbours, Project Skin MD® is one of Canada’s most comprehensive laser and skincare centres. We celebrate our pledge to continuously enhance our services and provide leading skin solutions.

Set Apart By Science

Project Skin MD® is recognized for employing outstanding technologies for the effective and safe treatment of common skin health, aging and dermatological concerns. We also want to leave a happy imprint on the earth and community we share. To do our part, we look for green, sustainable, earth and animal-friendly products as often as possible.