By Christine Palylyk, Laser Technician & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


As microblading becomes increasingly popular, many local news reports have expressed concern about the safety aspect of this procedure (or any cosmetic tattooing procedure) when in the wrong hands.

Microblading, though thought by many to be ‘semi-permanent’ is still aligned with traditional tattooing. The technique is different from shaded tattooing, in that it does fade faster – usually in one to three years. It should be noted that this depends on the skill of the practitioner. Strokes too shallow fade rapidly whereas strokes too deep end up too dark and blurred.

With over 20 years of makeup artistry and a lifetime of drawing and painting skills, combined with 10 years in medical technical work, the move to cosmetic tattooing is a natural fit of artistry, colour theory and science for me. Furthermore, I have cosmetic tattoo certification from an accredited school as well as blood-borne pathogen certification.

microbladingWhen looking for a qualified brow artist, make sure you look for healed results on your artists’ website or Facebook / Instagram page. Nearly all microblading looks beautiful when fresh, but healed results are a better indicator of quality. Are the colours accurate? Do they suit the client’s hair colour and skin colour? Are the brows a reasonable shape and size for their face and age?

microbladingHaving my cosmetic tattoo practice based out of a medical aesthetics clinic is beneficial for many reasons. Clients are more confident and comfortable with the presence of Medical Director, Dr. William McGillivray. The clinic boasts top-of-the-line sterilization equipment; blades used for microblading are single-use, in gamma-sterilized, sealed packets. Needle cartridges used for lips, liner and shaded brows are also disposed of after a single use. I take every precaution to assure you of a sterilized environment, from changing gloves frequently to cleaning all surfaces with a medical cleaning agent.

microbladingDo your homework when choosing a cosmetic tattooing practitioner. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option. If your $100 brows are executed in an unsterilized environment, you may very well get more than what you paid for – and not in a good way!

Be safe! There are many skilled and talented artists to choose from in the lower mainland, so make sure to research well and ask questions. A dedicated, caring practitioner will always be happy to help.


For more information and some insight into the procedure, be sure to check out Gillian and Jeannie’s experience with my services on the blog.

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