When I tell my fiancé that I’m getting my eyebrows tattooed he stares at me in disbelief.

I know immediately that he’s conjuring up images of cholas and the poorly tattooed eyebrows of the 90s.

“Times have changed! It will look really natural, I promise!” I tell him, and spend the next hour showing him pictures of perfectly executed brows.

Times have changed. And with microblading now on the scene, “tattooed” brows are no longer harsh, they are finely feathered works of art, and so natural that you have to squint through your eyelash extensions to spot them.

When Christine, our beloved laser technician and makeup artist of twenty years, decided to take an advance course in microblading, I signed up to be her first client.

There aren’t many people I would trust to tattoo my face, but Christine is one of them. She is one of the most meticulous, thoughtful, careful people I’ve ever met, and based off of her artwork and makeup artistry I knew she would be a natural.

The second she was certified, I was lying down in our clinic and getting ready for my first microblading session.

We started by drawing in my brows exactly as I wanted them. Christine was super responsive to the way I liked my brows and adjusted as needed.

The procedure was short with a mild amount of pain. It’s hard to describe the way the treatment feels as it’s quite different from getting an actual tattoo. Since it’s done with a blade, it’s more of a gentle scraping feeling, which is definitely uncomfortable, but not really painful.


Microblading takes just few hours and lasts less than two years – the perfect commitment.

The entire treatment – from design to completion – took just a couple of hours and my new brows were ready to go.

Since I wanted my brows an ashy blonde, to match their natural colour, they initially looked quite dark. I was worried about how others would perceive them, but her shaping was so beautiful most people loved them off the bat!


Even my fiancé loves them.

I spent around a week gently layering on vaseline and trying not to touch them, owning my fierce new dark brows before the pigment started to fall off in little chunks.

Once the colour came off completely the brows looked soft and natural. Bye bye brow pencil! I swear my quality of life improved. I woke up and felt pretty. And halfway through the day when my oily skin had normally melted off half my eyebrows… they were still there! I think the quality of my workouts even improved because my brows were…dare I say…on fleek!

Four weeks or so after healing I went in for my touch up with Christine and she filled in any spots that needed a touch up.

Even my fiancé told me he loves my “fancy new brows”, and when we had our engagement photos done shortly after, I applied a lick of makeup and let my eyebrows do the rest of the work.


How microblading my eyebrows changed my day-to-day.

I have since tossed all of my pencils and powders and happily flaunt my brows. I love not having to worry about shape and colour anymore!

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this treatment to anyone. Especially with the newest brow queen on the scene: Christine.

Check out more of Christine’s work on our website and via Instagram.