Bend Beauty

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, Bend Beauty

Unlock your skin’s potential with Bend Beauty’s clinically-proven ingestible beauty products. An easy daily addition to your skincare routine, these groundbreaking supplements work to literally transform your skin from the inside out. The best part? All of Bend Beauty’s products are made of natural ingredients and completely safe to consume. They choose ingredients based on their purity, with wild and organic being the first choice whenever possible. Every batch is tested to ensure it meets stringent Canadian and industry standards for quality and purity, and all product safety has been assessed and approved by Health Canada.

Bend’s Anti-Aging Formula, available in pill or liquid form, delivers 6 powerful active ingredients to produce clinically-proven anti-aging benefits to the skin. The formula works by reducing skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn, providing antioxidants for skin health, and improving skin hydration, elasticity and firmness, roughness and redness.