From the engineers of the Sonicare Toothbrush comes the ultimate sonic experience for skin – the Clarisonic Smart Profile cleansing device. Integrating an oscillating technology, Clarisonic does not spin or irritate skin, making it a safe cleansing solution for even the most sensitive skin types. With customized brushes and four oscillation settings, plus a turbo mode for the body, the Clarisonic experience can be personalized to each patient.

Ergonomically designed and water-safe, Clarisonic provides eleven times the cleansing power of manual cleansing. In combination with a tailored SkinCeuticals skincare program, the penetration of key active skincare ingredients is improved by more than 60%. Our patients note an instant improvement in the softness of skin while blackheads and pore size are reduced with regular use, and common skin conditions like rosacea and acne improve.