Jessica Berto

Director of Training – Western Canada

Vancouver born and raised, our lovely Jessica knows just how to help her patients feel special; a visit with her promises to be good for your skin, and your soul.

When she graduated from Aesthetics school in 2005, she knew she had found her true passion—and boy are we glad she did. After working in a high-end spa for eight years, and helping to lead the team there to new heights and challenges in the skincare industry, she set her sights on smaller boutiques and “feels like home” environments. Jessica has spent the last four years really focusing on guest care, developing and nurturing relationships, and targeting skin concerns and regimes.

In her free time you can find this beauty on the trails with the trees, tending to her plants, reading with a cup of tea, or attempting to cook new recipes.

PS: Jessica is a lover of the classics and truly believes that, as Audrey Hepburn would say, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’”.

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