BOTOX® Therapeutic

The clinical history of BOTOX® Therapeutic is decades long, and it is now approved as an effective treatment of migraine headaches and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Following an initial consultation and treatment by an experienced physician at Project Skin MD®, patients can experience long-lasting relief from migraine headaches and excessive sweating. BOTOX® treatments are among the more widely researched pharmaceutical treatments worldwide with numerous therapeutic and cosmetic applications and results you can trust.

30-60 min depending on the area
  • Vancouver
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BOTOX® Therapeutic treats migraine headaches by temporarily relaxing motor (muscle) nerves around common migraine centres. Results realize gradually over seven to 14 days. For the treatment of excessive sweating, BOTOX® Therapeutic treatments effectively target overactive sweat glands. Treatments can be applied to the scalp, underarms (axillae), palms (palmar) and feet (plantar). In most cases, patients experience effective relief from unwanted symptoms for up to six months.


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