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Cellulite—the condition responsible for the all-too-familiar dimpling and waffling of the skin on the buttocks and thighs of women (and some men) everywhere—has finally met its match. Cellfina™ is a breakthrough minimally-invasive cellulite treatment that works by treating the primary structural cause of the condition: the connective tissue bands throughout the fat in the thighs and buttocks that pin the skin down and create cellulite’s signature puckering.

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Health-Canada-approved and FDA-cleared, a Cellfina treatment session typically takes less than an hour. Using a small, needle-sized device, the problematic dimple-causing bands of connective tissue are released, allowing the treated skin to bounce back, leaving a smoother contour. Improvements are often noticed immediately, and continue to improve over the following weeks and months, ultimately lasting a minimum of three years after a single treatment. Some tenderness and bruising is to be expected, but it shouldn’t disrupt your daily routine. Exercise should be avoided for the first 72 hours after the procedure, and a light compression garment should be worn for about two weeks for comfort and support.

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