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Laser for Brown Spots

Regardless of your skin tone, dark spots can mottle a complexion. In the biz, we call these spots ‘pigmented lesions’ – spots or collections of excess pigment. They are also known as freckles, sun spots, age spots or birth marks. Whatever you call them, our alexandrite pigment laser is the hero you’re looking for. Targeting pigmented lesions, alexandrite laser treatments zero in on spots and help lift them away in as few as 1 to 2 sessions.

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How it Works

Utilizing a specific, medical-grade wavelength (755nm), alexandrite laser energy is selectively absorbed by excess pigment, making it easy to target lesions that are distinguishable from your normal skin tone. After treatment, spots may appear mildly red and swollen. Over several days, they may darken before sloughing away; the body will exfoliate the targeted cells, leaving new, healthy skin cells in their wake. Adopting a pigment-regulating daily skincare routine that includes broad-spectrum sunscreen will be highly recommended to prevent subsequent spots.

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