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Put your best face forward with the ultimate accessory: your lips. Lips are responsible for first kisses, pillow talk and beyond; they’re your voice in the universe. Through a skillful cocktail of technical expertise and artistry, Project Skin MD®’s respected physicians, nurse injectors and technicians have bestowed thousands of lip treatments and natural results.

Treatment Options

Dermal Fillers

Today’s advanced dermal filler products help restore lost volume and minimize the telltale signs of aging. At Project Skin MD®, only our respected physicians and nurse injectors perform dermal filler treatments; our patients benefit from decades worth of clinical expertise and dermal filler artistry for natural results.

Fraxel® re:pair

For moderate lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, face and neck, Fraxel® re:pair offers impressive resurfacing results with remarkably brief recovery. Fraxel® re:pair is ideal for the patient seeking a dramatic improvement to the health and beauty of skin in a single treatment – without the inherent risks and recovery of surgical procedures and general anesthetic. Fraxel® re:pair laser treatments are customized to each patient and treatment area. Telltale areas of premature aging, like the eyes and mouth, can be treated independently or in conjunction with a lighter, full-face treatment.

Fraxel® re:store DUAL

The Fraxel® re:store DUAL laser is respected as one of the most effective and versatile non-ablative resurfacing laser treatments of our time, employing a patented fractionated technology that treats pigmentation, aging skin, pre-cancerous sun damage (actinic keratoses), scars, stretch marks and more. Fraxel® treatments enhance the health and beauty of skin on the face, neck, chest, hands and beyond.

Lip Injections

At Project Skin MD®, we know lips. We’ve studied and perfected the art of subtle, natural, and beautiful lip injections so that you can laugh, smile, and smooch with confidence. Whether you have naturally thin or uneven lips, or you’ve seen a loss in volume and definition with age, lip injections can plump and perfect your pout. In the hands of our trusted and experienced lip artists, you can rest assured your results will be balanced and truly tailored to your unique (read: gorgeous) features.

Product Recommendations

Functionalab Collagen Infusion

An advanced volumizing serum that visibly plumps and defines the lip contour while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

The ultimate restorative treatment to improve environmental damage for aging skin while smoothing and refining the lips surface.

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