BLU-U® for Acne

BLU-U® blue light photodynamic therapy is an advanced treatment for managing acne (moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris). It is recommended as an alternative to or in combination with antibiotics or topical treatments. Employing therapeutic blue light, BLU-U® selectively targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria (P. Acnes). Treatments are safe and comfortable, managing acne in teenagers and adults. The average patient will experience a gradual improvement of active acne and breakouts with several BLU-U® treatments.

30 min
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After consulting with a physician, patients are prepped and seated beneath the BLU-U® treatment light for the recommended duration, around 17 minutes. Treatments are scheduled an average of twice per week, for up to 6 weeks. Following treatment, patients are advised to exercise extreme sun protection or avoidance for 48 hours, and some patients may experience dryness and flaking for several days. A customized skincare program will help enhance and maintain results. BLU-U® treatments for acne may be repeated as required.

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