MAX+ LED Light Therapy

MAX+ LED is a revolutionary skin therapy for rebalancing and caring for compromised, aging skin cells. Canadian-made and designed by Jennifer Brodeur of JB Skin Guru, one of the only skin strategists in the world today, MAX+ LED’s rainbow of light outputs and exclusively designed protocols benefit the skin much like a multivitamin; protocols move through multiple LED colours to treat your skin’s specific needs as part of a tailored MAX+ therapy or as a post-treatment add-on.

40 min
  • Vancouver
  • Richmond
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MAX+’s LED output is measurably pure and like a multivitamin for skin cells. Each colour of the rainbow corresponds to a pure wavelength of light; each colour delivered by MAX+ LED corresponds with a specific therapeutic action within skin cells. MAX+ treatments are like dreamy light shows. Lie back, close your eyes and dream in technicolour. MAX+ is pre-set with a series of light protocols exclusively designed for Project Skin MD® – no other MAX+ system will match it. Your skin therapist will select the ideal protocol for you, based on your objectives on the day of therapy. Your protocol will benefit you, just as you need.

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