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Laser Tattoo Removal

Rethinking your ink? With laser tattoo removal, what was once permanent can be a memory! Project Skin MD offers a system of five medical-grade lasers for tattoo removal, which enables our physicians and technicians to target specific colours with heightened efficacy and safety. Colour by colour, a specific wavelength is employed to target the imbedded ink. Instantly, pigment particles are dispersed. Over the following weeks, the body naturally and safely clears the debris, reducing tattoo ink. After several treatments, tattoos begin to fade and clear; most tattoos will eventually clear completely.

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For your comfort, topical and local anesthetics may be employed. For optimal safety and efficacy, laser tattoo removal is best performed with medical-grade laser equipment and under the direction of a qualified physician. Medical-grade laser tattoo removal is not BBL or IPL tattoo removal; medical-grade lasers emit unique wavelengths of energy with proven safety and efficacy for tattoo removal, as each unique wavelength targets a specific colour of tattoo ink. Over several treatments, your tattoo fades, and most tattoos will eventually clear completely.

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