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Save blushing for the bride! More than 3 million people in Canada suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of rosacea. When triggers are hard to avoid, we can help manage progressive, bothersome symptoms like redness and flushing with our arsenal of treatments. Universally recommended to control active rosacea and minimize symptoms in both men and women, our treatments may include topical and systemic therapies and advanced laser treatments.

Treatment Options

Excel® V+

The Excel® V+ laser leads the charge in treating concerns like blushing, flushing, vessels and veins on the face or legs. Targeting red, purple and blue facial veins, the medical-grade Excel® V+ laser treats all of your vascular concerns. In as few as 1 to 3 treatments, unwanted and unsightly vessels and veins are reduced, and symptoms like flushing and blushing are managed.

IPL Photorejuvenation

Non-invasive IPL Photorejuvenation is ideal for treating brown spots from sun damage and flushing symptoms from rosacea, targeting and correcting the irregular colour variations in the skin for an even skin tone. Press the reset button on your skin’s appearance – IPL Photorejuvenation can help you turn back the clock.

Laser Genesis

Diffuse flushing and redness from rosacea, scarring and fine lines; Laser Genesis treatments help correct the conditions typically associated with early skin damage and aging, stimulating the body to generate new collagen, which strengthens the skin and reduces unwanted redness and wrinkles. Celebrated for its clinically proven results without downtime, Laser Genesis is your secret to a vibrant, even complexion in just a few short treatments.

MAX+ LED Light Therapy

MAX+ LED is a revolutionary skin therapy for rebalancing and caring for compromised, aging skin cells. Canadian-made and designed by Jennifer Brodeur of JB Skin Guru, one of the only skin strategists in the world today, MAX+ LED’s rainbow of light outputs and exclusively designed protocols benefit the skin much like a multivitamin; protocols move through multiple LED colours to treat your skin’s specific needs as part of a tailored MAX+ therapy or as a post-treatment add-on.

VBeam® Perfecta

Facial and leg veins, vessels and red spots (angiomas) can become a thing of the past with VBeam® Perfecta laser treatments. Utilizing precise wavelengths, laser energy from the VBeam® Perfecta is absorbed by targeted vessels, which instantly coagulate. Over a recommended course of 1 to 3 treatments, cosmetic veins and vessels disappear. Featured on popular TV shows, including The Doctors, the VBeam® Perfecta is recognized as a best-in-class laser for the treatment of veins, vessels, red spots and facial redness from rosacea.

Product Recommendations

SkinCeuticals Soothing Cleanser

Our calming and soap-free cleansing foam helps dissolve impurities while soothing and hydrating compromised skin.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel

This one of a kind hydrating gel serum with botanical ingredients is ideal to calm and soothe the skin while improving visual redness.

SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer

This lightweight cream for itchy skin combats environmental triggers to alleviate skin redness, blotchiness and discomfort.

Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector

A 3-in-1 formula that neutralizes the appearance of redness, helps soothe and calm sensitive skin, and provides SPF 50 protection.

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