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    What can Cosmetic Tattoos improve?

    What are Cosmetic Tattoos?

    Cosmetic tattoos are becoming one of the fastest-growing beauty trends of our day to define your eyebrows — framing the windows to your soul. Our wildly talented cosmetic tattoo artist at our Project Skin MD® Vancouver location, Christine, has been expertly trained in microblading for a more precise, hand-sculpted, natural-looking effect. Microblading is semi-permanent, fading to a soft, powdered look; you can refresh your results every 1 to 3 years. The results speak for themselves.




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    Cosmetic tattoos, also known as “semi-permanent makeup,” “feathering” and “3D eyebrows,” tattoo pigment into outermost layers of skin using manual strokes with tiny, sterile tattooing needles. Brows are carefully designed by our experienced cosmetic tattoo artist for a subtle enhancement to your natural features. Pigments are primarily made of iron oxides and are gradually broken down, with results lasting 1 to 3 years. Touch-up treatments are expected over time to maintain your desired look. Initial results will fade into a natural aesthetic over the following days and weeks. Treatment sensation is well-managed with topical anesthetic cream. Visit Christine’s website.

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    Maintaining your results

    Annual treatment touch-ups will help maintain your results.


    There are no contraindications for cosmetic tattoos.

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