Fraxel® re:pair

For moderate lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, face and neck, Fraxel® re:pair offers impressive resurfacing results with remarkably brief recovery. Fraxel® re:pair is ideal for the patient seeking a dramatic improvement to the health and beauty of skin in a single treatment – without the inherent risks and recovery of surgical procedures and general anesthetic. Fraxel® re:pair laser treatments are customized to each patient and treatment area. Telltale areas of premature aging, like the eyes and mouth, can be treated independently or in conjunction with a lighter, full-face treatment.

120 min
  • Vancouver
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Fraxel® employs a patented fractionated resurfacing technology. Ablative CO2 laser energy penetrates the skin in microscopic pixels, maintaining the integrity of the surrounding skin. Treated skin will begin healing within 48 hours with redness and swelling lasting an average of 5 to 7 days and pinkness lasting an additional week – easily camouflaged with a touch of mineral makeup. As Canada’s first Fraxel® treatment providers, our physicians have developed advanced protocols for a variety of applications utilized worldwide for their safety and efficacy.

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