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Aging gracefully, together.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” Where skin care is concerned, it’s better phrased: “Good things come to those who plan.” Our integrated skin care model applies clinically proven steps for achieving gorgeous skin and maintaining it for life. Quick fixes rarely last, so knowing how to balance your goals with your treatment options, lifestyle and budget will yield more satisfying and sustainable outcomes. Here’s how the Project Skin MD integrated skin care model works…

Why choose Project Skin MD®?

We believe looking our best helps us feel our best. We open our doors each morning to help our patients feel confident, inspired and happier – ready to take on the world.

We are passionate about skin health and natural beauty. We are skin gurus and thrive on sharing our passion and knowledge. We specialize in aesthetic and laser medicine and advanced skincare and give you the tools to make well-informed skin care decisions – all in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

We pledge to always offer you our best – with clinical excellence and your safety at the forefront of our practice. You deserve to experience something extraordinary… because you are extraordinary.

Welcome to Project Skin MD®. We’re on this journey together – let’s make it beautiful.

We begin with a consultation and comprehensive skin assessment.

In this moment, you may feel bothered by the wrinkles around your eyes, the sun damage on your chest or your lackluster skin. Or perhaps you just need to elevate your skincare game. You may have heard of BOTOX COSMETIC®, your friends are doing it but you are unsure if it’s the right treatment for you. No matter what brings you in, we always begin our consultation process by uncovering your real needs. From there we educate you on skin and the treatment solutions that would help address your needs. We take your budget and timeline into consideration and build a tailored treatment plan. Every patient comes to us with their individual needs hence why they all leave with an individualized program. We don’t do cookie cutter. We are honoured that you are considering us for your treatments and therefore we honour you, every step of the way.

The first step of our integrated skin care model is education. We use progressive tools to evaluate the health of your skin and consider a more global approach as we also problem solve for your more immediate concerns.

Next, we tailor a treatment plan and maintenance strategy.

First we fix, then we maintain. Every one of our great treatments can be optimized with the right maintenance strategies. Results can last longer and develop further. A tailored treatment plan considers every aspect of your unique needs including your goals, the life you live, how much social downtime you can afford, a comfortable, realistic budget, compliance and long term sustainability. Satisfying all of these points will inevitably make you happier and better meet your expectations.

We are fortunate to offer the skills and time of a dedicated Patient Concierge. Our dynamically skilled and experienced skin professionals will invest the time to help you plan and orchestrate a perfect treatment strategy.

No integrated model is complete without an insurance policy.

The next step in the integrated cycle is protection. Above all, Project Skin MD is founded upon a promise to care for the long-term health and beauty of skin. What you do to your skin on a daily basis is of great concern. As such, we built North America’s first SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa – a centre dedicated to the very best in skincare science. Your daily skincare regimen is the insurance policy on your treatment plan; your daily skincare habits can not only help prevent and correct the effects of aging and sun damage, it can protect your skin from subsequent damage. We’ll teach you how and you’ll be amazed at just how simple great skincare can be.

And so, the integrated skin care model loops on. We continuously evaluate and adjust to ensure the care you are receiving is ideally suited to your evolving skin needs. Best of all, you are constantly supported by a team who lives and breathes excellent skin care.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? It all starts with a simple consultation. Book yours today!

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