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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Refresh a tired appearance and soften unwanted lines and wrinkles with a customized neuromodulator treatment from BOTOX® Cosmetic, Xeomin® or Dysport®. Expertly employed by our team, neuromodulators relax the muscular movements that contribute to eye wrinkles, like crow’s feet, as well as frown lines, forehead lines and bunny lines on the nose. They can turn up the corners of the mouth, soften a squared jawline (the masseter muscles), even dimpling skin on the chin (peau d’orange) and beyond.

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How it Works

Eased into targeted muscles, neuromodulators slow unwanted muscular contractions without affecting sensation. The experience and artistry of your physician at Project Skin MD ensures natural results and maintains facial animations; with over a decade of experience, Dr. McGillivray is recognized as a respected doctor and speaker in neuromodulator treatments. Over 3 to 10 days of treatment, results emerge. The average neuromodulator treatment results will last for 3 to 5 months and gradually fade – at which point a subsequent treatment is recommended for cumulative benefit.

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