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September 9, 2013


Like many women, beauty products and procedures may very well be our favourite things to test. Are we looking for hope in a bottle? Perhaps. All we know is, whenever one of us or any of our friends has a beauty tip or product to share, everyone wants the scoop. And there are few things we loathe more than being duped by a promise that doesn’t deliver. (We’re talkin to you Nanoblur)

So it was with great excitement that we agreed to take part in a test of a procedure called Clear & Brilliant at Anna’s laser clinic, Project Skin.

Clear & Brilliant is a non-surgical, low level laser skin care treatment, designed to fight the signs of aging. That means sun spots, texture and pore size. The idea is to do multiple treatments along with your regular skin care regime.

We each did 4 sessions, lasting about 30 minutes each. The technician moves a laser wand back and forth across your face. The laser creates microscopic lesions which are surrounded by larger areas of healthy skin. The healthy skin then helps the tiny lesions heal, revealing fresher skin.

Does it hurt? (That was Kristina’s first question before we tried the treatment.) Well, a tiny bit. There is definitely a heat sensation during the treatment. It almost feels like they’re dragging a hot pin across your face. But as long as they give you a cool fan to direct at your face during the treatment, any discomfort is pretty low level and doesn’t last long. At the end of the session the technician applies a vitamin C serum along with a cooling masque.

The day of the treatment we both experienced a bit of redness, but in a good way. A few people commented that we looked tanned! The next morning, Kristina noticed some puffiness around the eyes but it was subtle. Redness was gone after a day and while skin felt a bit like sandpaper for the following 7 days, it didn’t LOOK rough. Go figure. So it didn’t affect our work or social lives.

After each treatment, we didn’t notice a significant difference. However after 4 treatments we do indeed think our skin looks more even and with a healthier glow. The procedure didn’t appear to address sun spots, but the overall appearance of our skin was improved. But you be the judge. Our before and after photos are below!

Project Skin Clear and Brilliant Before and After

Project Skin Clear and Brilliant Before and After 3

Project Skin Clear and Brilliant Before & After 2

Project Skin Clear and Brilliant Before & After 1

BY: Anna & Kristina

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