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    What can Laser Hair Removal improve?

    What is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world. The treatment process involves delivering light pulses to targeted areas of hair. Once absorbed by the hair follicles, the light transforms into heat, effectively destroying the hair at the root and preventing future growth.

    At Project Skin MD® Ottawa, we use the renowned Soprano ICE, a state-of-the-art hair removal device recognized for its exceptional efficacy and safety standards. The technology includes multiple handpieces to ensure a customized treatment experience. Whether targeting larger areas like the legs and back or smaller, delicate areas, the treatment is designed to be virtually painless and remarkably efficient.

    Project Skin MD

    Treatment and Technology at Project Skin MD® Ottawa

    Our medical-grade technology can permanently reduce hair in six to eight treatments. It’s a versatile option that can target almost any area of the body.

    During the treatment, a wavelength of laser energy tailored to the depth and colour of the hair targets the follicles and destroys them, leading to the removal of the hair. Since the treatment’s effectiveness is dependent on hair pigmentation, very light hair colours, like red, grey, and blond, are less likely to respond to the laser.

    To prepare for laser hair removal, we advise that you stick to shaving and avoid tweezing or waxing. The latter methods can remove hair follicles and affect the results of your treatment. Additionally, avoid tanning during your series of treatments for your safety and to achieve the best results.

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    Treatable Areas

    Our laser hair removal treatment in Ottawa can target a range of areas on the body and face for both women and men. These include the legs (half or full), groin, arms, underarms, chest, back, jawline, and upper lip.

    The Process

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    Personalized Assessment

    We use an individualized approach. No matter your hair removal goals, we’ll tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

    Baseline Photography

    We will take initial photos to track the progress of your laser hair removal treatment over time.

    Review & Consent

    We ensure you’re fully informed by reviewing consent forms and addressing any questions you have before we begin treatment.

    Treatment Process

    We will shave the area before targeting your treatment area with laser light energy.

    Meet your clinic experts

    Dr. Alain Michon

    General Practitioner - Focus in Aesthetic Medicine in Ottawa

    Dr. Marc-Antoine Lachance

    General Practitioner - Focus in Aesthetic Medicine in Ottawa

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    Starting from $67 per treatment.

    Maintaining your results

    Generally, six to eight treatments are required for optimal results. We’ll curate a personalized plan outlining the number of sessions needed depending on your unique needs.


    For safety, we do not provide laser hair removal to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We also do not offer this service to individuals who have used tanning beds, self-tanning or photosensitizing products or have had extensive sun exposure in the past month.

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