With Mother’s Day approaching you may be stuck on what to buy your fabulous mama.

Chocolates? Flowers? How about a treatment that will give her a lasting feel-good boost?

Whether you want to gift her with a gift certificate, a customized skincare routine or book her in for a treatment, we’ve got you. Here are some of our top treatments for your mom – or any mama in your life that deserves a little TLC. The best part? You can make a date out of it and get your glow on together!


Who doesn’t love a facial?! At Project Skin MD we take pride in customizing our facials towards your specific concerns. If you’d like to go together, you can book Facials at the same time – like Natalie Langston did with her mama – or enjoy side-by-side Express Facials in the Glow Room!

This is also a great opportunity to freshen up your skincare or makeup routine with our skincare advisors. We offer complimentary mineral makeup touch-ups after every treatment, so you’ll leave ready for your lunch date (we love Heirloom for lunch or twinning green smoothies).

If you’re pressed for time (Busy-Mamas-R-Us), Express Facials are a MUST. As Natalie explains in her blog post with Sydney from The Working Girl this is a great place to catch up and have a giggle and get your glow on:

In most spas, you’d be asked to turn off your cell phone and given a ‘gentle’ reminder when our voices reach above a whisper. Not here. In the hot seats are a bride-to-be and her group of bridesmaids all cracking up about last weekend’s bachelorette party. I’m already digging this new vibe. When the bridal party gets set to leave, I sneak a peek at their skin. It’s not red, there is no blotchiness. They are absolutely GLOWING! All the highlighter in the world couldn’t touch this fresh faced look!

All of our facials are available at our Vancouver and Richmond locations!

Mini lips and more.

Why limit yourself to facials? If you want to give mom an instant lift, injectables are a great gift. A little bit of BOTOX® or filler goes a long way and makes a great girl date.

Jillian Harris and her mom loved getting Dermaplaning and MAX+ LED Light Therapy together (see her post here) topped off with a mini lip for Jillian’s mama and Belkyra™ for Jillian.


Is your mom, or maybe a mom you know struggling with stubborn fat? With CoolSculpting® you can gift her a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that eliminates unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The whole treatment is also pretty chill, so you guys can hang out and watch Netflix while kissing the love handles buh-bye. Jillian Harris treated her mama to a treatment and she was thrilled!

Clear + Brilliant®

If the mama in your life is ready to take her skin to the next level, consider Clear + Brilliant® laser skin treatments! By the creators of Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant employs patented fractionated laser technology and gradually rejuvenates the first signs of aging and sun damage.

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