New: The PS Carbon Detox Peel (with activated carbon!)

November 28, 2019


Get ready to try our newest anti-aging favourite: the PS Carbon Detox Peel! This peel contains transforming, exfoliating, and replenishing ingredients. Its unique recipe has powerful detoxifying and purifying properties that excite the skin’s cellular metabolism and spark new collagen production. We’re excited to offer the Carbon Detox Peel as an effective, powerful, clinical option to totally rejuvenate and overturn your skin for a brighter complexion.

Project Skin MD November 2019

Carbon is the central element to this peel’s rejuvenating power.

» Activated vegetable carbon gets to the root of skin concerns by purifying pores on a deeper level; absorbing pollution, contaminants and excess oil to completely renew. Vegetable carbon is a purifier, famous for its ability to address free radicals and regulate production of the sebaceous oil glands – for skin that’s balanced and healthy.

» Natural exfoliating agents join forces to replenish skin right at the source. This peel contains 15.6% acids – Ferulic and Lactic Acids provide anti-aging and brightening effects, while Mandelic Acid reduces inflammation and soothes skin.

» Black ginger and Liquorice extract regenerate, brighten, and provide antioxidant properties for total skin revival.

Project Skin MD November 2019

Is a PS Carbon Detox Peel right for me?

To be frank, this peel doesn’t mess around. If this was a professional workplace, this peel would be the big boss who’s flown in from out of town to make sure everything is running as it should be. 

Expect peeling and powerful transformation with this treatment; you’ll likely experience some redness, and the peeling may be more intense than what you’ve experienced with our other Glow Room peels. This is our strongest clinical peel for immediate radiance – so expect a potent treatment with deeply detoxifying results.

How much does a PS Carbon Detox Peel cost?

We’re offering this new clinical peel procedure at $210 for a 30 minute treatment. The peel will be on your skin for a total of 20 minutes.

Project Skin MD November 2019

What are the benefits of a PS Carbon Detox Peel?

This peel is a unique system that can be used as an individual treatment or in combination with other treatments like Laser Treatments. We love this treatment for the way it addresses multiple concerns in a single treatment:

  • Triggers new collagen growth long after treatment occurs.
  • Renews skin texture and tightens pores.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Cleans out pores for reduced blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores.
  • Visually lifts skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Brightens skin for a more radiant complexion.

A Carbon Detox Peel also uses the powers of Gabellina: an innovative polypeptide with a lifting and anti-aging effect. This ingredient is partially responsible for the “PS glow” that follows treatment.

Our PS trainer Jessica weighs in:

“Immediately after treatment, your skin will look slightly pink but will be fresh and glossy. Expect that there will be some peeling for a few days. This peel is amazing for thicker skin types, acne concerns, and hyperpigmentation (including melasma). It is quite aggressive so we need to make sure this is the right one for you! We recommend a series for maximum results – 6 treatments, 10 days apart for an amazing result.”

Project Skin MD November 2019  

Contact us today to book an appointment and let a Carbon Detox Peel renew your skin for a beautiful holiday season ahead!


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