BRUNETTE the Label is every babe’s dream line – cozy fashion with cheeky sayings like “Babes Who Brunch”, “Fries Before Guys,” and the effortlessly cool “Brunette” and “Blonde” boyfriend fit sweaters. Our favourite local superstars Jillian Harris and Kaitlyn Bristowe have been spotted rocking the brand, as well as actress Elisha Cuthbert and countless fashion bloggers.

We recently caught up with the Founder and Creative Director, Miriam Alden, to ask her about her brand, style, and how she gets her glow on…

BRUNETTE the Label

Q: How did BRUNETTE the Label come to be?

It all grew from the Brunette Showroom, where we offer retailers a chance to sample and carry a variety of unique, fashion-forward designers from around the world. We were growing the brand and wanted to show people that we were doing a lot more than your usual showroom. I did a lot of marketing and created a media kit with a sweatshirt that said ‘BRUNETTE IS THE NEW BLACK’ and the brand created itself from there – everyone wanted to sell it and wear it! It was always in the works, but very organic in how it came to be.

Q: How did you first come up with the idea?

It was a creative marketing idea with my friend who still does our graphics! We started with ‘BRUNETTE IS THE NEW BLACK’ and the rest followed. All of our sayings are very genuine to who we are. We’re all about babes supporting babes and love drinking wine. I wanted to create a line that is really inclusive because that’s who we are. Anyone can wear our sweatshirts…even my mom wears one!

BRUNETTE the Label

Q: We have to ask…are you a brunette?

I am! That’s actually how it all started. It’s hard for people to remember your name when you have a showroom, but they always remembered I was the tall girl with brown hair. It kind of evolved from there!

Q: Influential bloggers and Instagram celebrities love wearing your clothes…how did this begin?

The growth of the label has been crazy. I put a lot of work into marketing in the beginning but I never loved doing paid advertisements. The majority of our success has been based around people loving and requesting the sweatshirts. I am super grateful for our growth on social media and the people who have worn our stuff and supported us. It has been very authentic and exciting.

BRUNETTE the Label

Image via Jillian Harris

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

Fashion forward and cozy! I’m happy to say that I wear all my own label since it’s actually what I want to wear. Since launching our new collection we have so many options. I like to be a little rocker with a feminine edge, and am currently obsessed with our Vegan Leather Moto Jacket. We just created a full sweatsuit, so most days I can be seen wearing that, layered with our jacket and cute sneakers!

BRUNETTE the Label

Q: What’s the key to a great outfit?

You gotta wear what you feel good in, and it has to feel authentic to you! I also love a good pair of sneakers. Comfort is key, and that’s what one of the things I love about our brand. We get great feedback on how cozy everything is, and women love the relaxed fit.

BRUNETTE the Label

Q: What is your skincare routine like?

Since I’m in my mid-thirties now, I’m starting to take my skincare seriously! I recently went in for my first dermaplaning facial at Project Skin MD and picked up some Skinceuticals products recommended by Gwen. I’m obsessed! People keep complimenting how great my skin looks. My skin is super dry so I love the Skinceulticals C E Ferulic and sleeping in the Biocellulose Restorative Masques!

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