It’s that time of year again! Summer is winding down, and we’re left with nothing but sunny memories and…sun damage? Thank you, Mother Nature. Despite our best efforts to stay covered up and slathered in SPF while enjoying Kits Beach or tackling the Grouse Grind, most of us have probably accumulated some level of sun damage, perhaps presenting as pigmentation or sun spots, or eventually, after enough exposure, as fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. Cue: sad emoji.

The good news is it’s not too late. This summer sun damage can be reversed…with a little help from your friends at Project Skin MD. Insert: high five.

Your no-downtime option: IPL Photorejuvenation.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, sun spot removal

Sometimes, sun damage lurks just below the skin’s surface, impossible to spot with the naked eye. IPL Photorejuvenation is the ideal option for non-invasive sun spot removal, lifting that hidden sun damage to the surface so that it can naturally slough off. IPL treatments work by applying flashes of broad-band light to the skin. The targeted colours absorb the light, which causes vessels to coagulate and pigment cells to disperse. We’re essentially pressing the reset button on your skin’s appearance before the leaves begin to fall.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, IPL before and after

At Project Skin MD, the cost of an IPL Photorejuvenation treatment for the face is $350.

For early sun damage: Clear + Brilliant®.

Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle resurfacing treatment (we often call it the baby Fraxel®, see below), and the perfect choice for addressing the earliest signs of sun damage and aging. With quick, comfortable treatments, Clear + Brilliant employs a patented fractionated laser technology to target changes and irregularities in the skin for effective sun spot removal. Expect 12-24 hours of pinkness to follow your treatment, and results that include fewer fine lines, visible pores and pigmentation.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, Clear + Brilliant before and after

At Project Skin MD, the cost of a Clear + Brilliant treatment for the face is $350.

For more obvious sun damage: Fraxel®.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, sun spot removal

Remember those effects of prolonged sun exposure we talked about? Fraxel® re:store DUAL is an obvious choice for tackling this serious sun damage. The dual-action laser identifies and targets damaged skin cells, encouraging your body to replace them with healthy, fresh new cells. Not only is Fraxel an effective sun spot removal treatment that results in smoother, fresher skin, it’s also FDA and Health Canada approved for the treatment of precancerous skin damage (actinic keratosis).

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, Fraxel before and after

The cost of a full-face Fraxel treatment at Project Skin MD is $1095.

For all skin types: PicoWay®.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, sun spot removal

PicoWay® – Pico, for short – is a revolutionary laser technology that uses ultra short picosecond (trillionths of a second) pulses of energy to target unwanted pigment, breaking it up into smaller particles that are more easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Safe and effective for all skin types, this minimal-downtime laser brightens while gently breaking down sun spots, age spots, and even melasma, leaving you with a smooth, beautiful canvas. Trust us, this is your new favourite sun spot removal treatment for almost airbrush-perfect skin.

Project Skin MD, Vancouver, BC, PicoWay before and after

The cost of a PicoWay face toning treatment at Project Skin MD is $695.

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