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The appearance of unsightly, superficial veins is one of life’s gifts we’d gratefully return! You may inherit a predisposition to spider veins or develop them after pregnancy, in which case, keep calm and learn about sclerotherapy! This trusted vascular therapy treats the spider veins and vessels you want gone, small or large. In as few as one to three treatments, your legs can be free of troubling veins.

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Performed by our team of experienced Registered Nurses, sclerotherapy utilizes micro-injections of a sclerosing agent, mixed with sterile saline. We gently ease this agent into the targeted veins and vessels. Our bodies respond by coagulating the vessels and clearing them away. Some vessels require multiple treatments while others will begin to clear after your first treatment. Plan for one to three treatments, anywhere from six to 12 weeks apart, and be prepared to wear compression socks or bands post-treatment to help maximize clearance between treatments. For optimal clearance of veins, we may recommend a combination of therapies, which would include sclerotherapy and vascular laser treatments.

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