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January 22, 2020


A new year is the perfect time to breathe some new life into your skin. Get back that youthful glow with our new transforming facial treatment, the Laser Genesis Facial. When your complexion glows, so do you!

Project Skin Vancouver Laser Genesis Facial 7

What is the Laser Genesis Facial?

Our new Laser Genesis Facial combines innovative laser technology with the rejuvenating, renewing benefits of deep exfoliation to transform skin from the inside out.

Out with the old. The Laser Genesis Facial begins with a mild chemical peel or dermaplaning treatment to get rid of dulling build-up and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Let your skin breathe again by giving it a chance to start over and increasing cell turnover. 

Light up your skin. Once we’ve removed damaged skin to reveal a fresh complexion, a Laser Genesis treatment helps trigger collagen production and rid skin of redness and pigmentation concerns. Deeper wavelengths let us rejuvenate skin from deep within. 

Project Skin Vancouver Laser Genesis Facial 3

What makes the Laser Genesis Facial special?

Look like a younger you. This facial treatment boasts anti-aging benefits and helps smooth wrinkles as it addresses sun damage, skin tone, and other skin concerns that progress with aging. Restore the collagen that naturally depletes with age, and feel like your best self again.

Brighten up. With deep exfoliating properties and renewed collagen production, you’re giving your skin a chance to restore that natural glow you used to love.

Target active acne and scarring. Laser Genesis can be an effective solution for acne concerns and depressed acne scars. This non-ablative laser kills acne-causing bacteria to prevent future outbreaks and infection. As collagen production ramps up, skin feels smoother and more even.

Holistic benefits from one treatment. In addition to the above, Laser Genesis can also address dilated pores, rosacea, age spots, and more. This two-part treatment is like a wellness treat for your skin. Restoration from the inside out. 

Project Skin Vancouver Laser Genesis Facial 4

Safe for any skin type. This facial has a high safety profile and can effectively treat hyperpigmentation and other concerns on lighter and darker skin tones.

Comfortable. This treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, without painful injections or incisions. We prioritize your comfort and superior results that reveal your best skin.

Project Skin Vancouver Laser Genesis Facial 6

What else should I expect?

  • A Laser Genesis Facial takes approximately 60 minutes and costs $425.
  • We recommend multiple treatments to optimize results – scheduling this treatment on a monthly or bi-weekly basis allows for maximum results.

Contact us today to book your Laser Genesis Facial! This could be the year you discover your best skin ever. We’re passionate about giving you your glow back.

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