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The CoolSculpting Masters difference with Tara

January 15, 2020

Doctor's Orders 

This past November, our resident CoolSculpting specialist Tara Radons travelled to Virginia to complete the CoolSculpting University Masters training program. As an RN for 14 years, Tara has always been committed to clinical excellence and client satisfaction. We asked her to share some insights on what she gained from this course and how it has helped her to provide an outstanding body contouring experience for her patients here at Project Skin MD.

Project Skin Vancouver CoolSculpting Masters Tara 2

“As the fastest growing aesthetic treatment in the world, CoolSculpting has taken off in a major way. Completing the Masters course was a great way to enhance my skills and ensure that my patients are being treated to the best possible experience!”

“One of the key ways that this program helps us improve the quality of your CoolSculpting results is the advanced protocols we are trained in. The CoolSculpting technology and the ways in which it can be applied are continuously evolving, and it’s important to stay up to date. For example, we learned updated techniques on how to utilize the different applicators – rather than simply working with templates to create a treatment plan, we now test out each type of applicator in advance to find the best fit for a patient’s body and individual weight distribution.”

Project Skin Vancouver Tara CoolSculpting Masters 6

“We worked on our hands-on assessment skills with live models who presented with what would be considered difficult cases – including anatomical irregularities, dramatic weight loss, larger pockets of fat, asymmetry, and scar tissue. We were taught techniques to overcome each of these issues, which less experienced providers may not be equipped to address. If you identify with any of these cases, I’d definitely recommend seeking out a provider who has completed the Masters course.”

Project Skin Vancouver Tara CoolSculpting Masters

“This program gives providers like myself a wonderful opportunity to network with other experts and continuously improve by sharing our techniques and results. During the course, every attendee was asked to present what they believed to have been their most difficult case so far, giving us a chance to workshop each case and learn from each others’ approaches.”

Project Skin Vancouver CoolSculpting Masters Tara 4

“Another key takeaway was how we can enhance the consultation and treatment process for our patients. Many patients have concerns about multiple areas – e.g. the stomach, love handles, and thighs – and are interested in spreading a few treatments over all these areas. However, we learned that the best way to meet your goals is to focus on treating one area at a time, beginning with the area of greatest concern. When we develop treatment plans in this way, we can achieve dramatic results that really ‘wow’ our patients and help them see more clearly the changes that CoolSculpting can achieve.”

Project Skin Vancouver Tara CoolSculpting Masters 7

“Lastly, we picked up tips on a key step – photography! Good treatment photography is vital for patients and providers to be able to assess results confidently. Often patients are so pleased with the outcome, they forget what their area of concern looked like beforehand! Ensuring that your before and after photos are well lit and properly aligned is an important tool for us to provide you with on your CoolSculpting journey at PS.”

Project Skin Vancouver CoolSculpting Masters Tara 5

“I’d love to chat with you more about CoolSculpting, whether you’re curious about the science of how it works or you’re ready to build your customized treatment plan. Looking forward to meeting you!”

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