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Dreaming big, together. A PS Retreat.

March 5, 2016


Written by Bev McGillivray, PS founder and visionary.

A little earlier this year, I had the pleasure of going up to Brew Creek Lodge in Whistler with our entire staff for a retreat.

The theme of the event: Dream Big.

When we decided to do a team retreat I really had no preconceived ideas or expectations of what the overall outcomes would be. Of course, being this passionate “Peace out, let’s live and work in harmony” kind of gal, my hope and dream was that all of us would leave feeling more connected and cohesive, with a greater understanding of each other as individuals.

In my mind, this kind of harmony only strengthens us as a team; how we serve each other at our work home and ultimately how we serve our precious patients and clients.

Never having been one to be able to separate business from pleasure, I operate as one persona and openly invite everyone to see all my sides, the good, bad and ugly! It’s the only way I know how to be and thus, hope that all my beloved teammates feel safe and vulnerable enough to be their true authentic selves, always.

Enter PS beauties on Sunday morning, one by one, each presenting with palpable excitement and joy in anticipation of spending two glorious days together.

There appeared to be a universal sigh of calm and relief to be gathered in such a serene, beautiful, natural setting. My anxiety about whether people wanted to give up precious personal time diminished immediately. It was clear that everyone was good with this somewhat mysterious retreat before them.

As soon as the agenda started, I was awestruck at how incredibly open people were to being honest and raw, to divulge hidden and secret truths about their personal journies through life. It was beautiful, emotional and inspiring, to say the least.

Two captivating hours later I knew my teammates at a deeper and more meaningful level than I could ever have imagined. Over the course of the next two days, as the incredibly well-prepared and thoughtful agenda unfolded, I honestly felt like layers and layers of weight were shedding from me. Layers of worry, self doubt, negativity and pain.

You see, as someone perceived as a leader to these beautiful souls, there is a heavy weight I carry around, a fear of failing them, disappointing them, being inadequate in providing fulfillment – both professionally and financially in their workplace.

What I learned, through the honesty and vulnerability of my work family, is that we are all in this together, and yet we are all responsible for our own happiness and for our own journey. At that point, I was able to feel a fresh breeze of relief caress me: it’s not all on me and I don’t have to carry such weight on my tired little shoulders.

Together we can help each other to be successful, whatever that means to each of us. Yes, I can help to lead the charge to PS greatness but I am not alone! I read a quote yesterday that made so much sense… “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”  How beautiful is that?!!

A big thank you to Brew Creek – the staff couldn’t have accommodated us better. We had comfortable shared rooms, delicious homemade, healthy meals and an ideal setting to connect, relax and of course, dream big.

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