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“EMSculpt relieved my back pain!” 

June 19, 2019


Explore the fascinating account of how this innovative treatment helped Roxanne Hallgren, Project Skin MD’s Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Nurse, to address back pain, stay active, and reconnect with her inner and outer strength!

I’ve experienced an increase in lower back pain and SI joint pain as I age. 

Maintaining a strong core allows me to stay active and is known as a good antidote to back problems. But although I do core work at the gym, EMSculpt is an adjunct treatment to my fitness routine and lets me go above and beyond what the gym allows.

Project Skin Vancouver Roxanne EMSculpt 1

All smiles with @fitcolin!

I had my first four EMSculpt sessions shortly after the treatment arrived at our clinic, spacing them out over two weeks. 

I immediately noticed a difference in the gym! I was incredibly aware of how I was contracting my abdominal muscles; my plank was stronger, and I was more engaged in core workouts – especially my transverse abdominis and deeper muscles. 

Project Skin Vancouver Roxanne EMSculpt 2

Working out at Restore Human with my trainer @humanpax

EMSculpt is a body contouring treatment that uses electromagnetic technology to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. 

This treatment allows for muscle engagement beyond what’s possible at the gym. The treatment is not painful but produces a very unusual sensation. This is because the electromagnetic induced supramaximal contractions caused by the treatment are not something the human body can reproduce on its own.

As I continued treatment, I was amazed at my continual improvement.

About eight weeks after the first set of four treatments I realized that I wasn’t having the back pain that I used to have when riding my bike. In May of this year I was given the opportunity to do another four treatments, spaced three days apart. Again, I immediately felt stronger! At this point, I climbed on my bike and had this incredible mind-body connection while riding – my core was engaged and I rode my bike in a new, more comfortable and confident posture.

Project Skin Vancouver Roxanne EMSculpt 4

My initial goal in trying EMSculpt was to be able to maintain my activity level as I age. I love being active and the ways in which my back pain kept me from being active and energetic were a heavy weight to deal with. I wanted to share my experience with those of you considering EMSculpt because I know that as a patient it’s so difficult to know which treatments will work for you – and whether they’re worth the money! 

Completing the UBC rope course in February – a test of strength and will!

EMSculpt allowed me to reconnect with my body and core strength in a way that I didn’t know was possible. It’s even helped me to breathe deeply and remain centred during my meditation practice. I’d highly recommend EMSculpt and am so grateful for this innovative treatment.

Project Skin Vancouver Roxanne EMSculpt 7

6AM meditation at Kits Beach


By Roxanne Hallgren, RN, BScN


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