Help me, I’m pore! The not-so-secret path to more refined skin.

June 11, 2015


Ugh. The plague of large pores – that persistent skin concern which may not seem as consequential as acne yet distracts and consumes the skin savvy to an equal degree. While you can’t control your predisposition to larger pores, you can, in effect, shrink the problem and minimize their girth. Here, we’ve proposed some treatment and skincare solutions that are proven to help in the quest, along with recommendations for frequency and usage.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand the goal: we want to clarify and maintain the follicle so that it naturally reduces in size. The maintenance aspect is key. Our treatment recommendations will speed up the initial result, but a tailored long-term skincare solution will be critical for holding on to that great outcome.

Speedy results with pore-minimizing treatments.

Jumpstart the pore-refining train with a deeply clarifying and stimulating skin treatment. Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments are as gentle as they are effective, a surprising dichotomy. Laser energy penetrates through the skin in microscopic pixels targeting dull and damaged skin cells, promoting the body to shed congestion and early signs of aging and sun damage, like fine lines and pigment buildup. Try four to six treatments, each ten days apart. Each session will yield twelve to 24 hours of pinkness… a little preparation is a good idea.

For an instantly gratifying experience, try our signature Medical Facial with Dermaplaning – voted as one of ‘10 facials you must try in Vancouver’ by BC Living. Like Clear + Brilliant®, Medical Facials with Dermaplaning aim to deeply clarify. The skin is thoroughly cleansed, toned, peeled and masqued… then de-gunked with careful strokes of a surgical blade. Dermaplaning, as it is known, is exclusive to Project Skin MD in BC. Try six Medical Facial treatments with Dermaplaning, between ten days and one month apart. With a pure and clear canvas, your skin will be primed for a tailored daily regimen.

Daily pore maintenance.

Your skincare regimen should be customized. Unless you’re an identical twin, your skin will be completely unique to your sister’s or BFF’s; what works for one may not work for all. Work with one of our highly trained skincare advisors or maintenance strategists to customize a daily program. Here are some products to consider to help shrink pores:

SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub

This unique cleanser combines diatomaceous earth microbeads, rich in minerals to promote healthy cell renewal, with aloe for its skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Daily use will help clarify skin follicles of makeup, excess oil and debris to help keep those pores tight!

SkinCeuticals Retinol or Retexturing Activator

Depending on your skin type, one of these corrective products will help with exfoliation and cell turnover rates. On a daily basis, this step is critical for both pore maintenance and anti-aging. Retexturing Activator, in particular, is recommended for even sensitive skin types… there are no excuses to skip this step!

The SilkPeel.

The SilkPeel combines vacuum paired suction and a diamond-embedded tip (because diamonds really are a girls best friend) to effectively exfoliate and lift dull skin cells. Simultaneously, its dermalinfusion component circulates a customized treatment solution to help improve blemish-prone, pigmented or dehydrated skin. Instantly, skin is soft, supple and plump. Continue on with your regular activities without any need for downtime.

The Clarisonic Smart Profile

Sonic skin cleansing has revolutionized professional skincare and no one does it better than Clarisonic. By the engineers of the Sonicare toothbrush, the oscillating brush head of the Clarisonic Pro cleanses eleven times more effectively than manual cleansing and increases the penetration of active ingredients by over 60 percent. This is one tool you must try. On the mission for refined pores, Clarisonic is clinically proven. Use once to twice daily with any cleanser.

To learn more about reducing pore size, we’d like to invite you to book an appointment with one of our medical aestheticians. Our team is dedicated to skincare and maintenance strategies and will work with you to tailor a pore-size plan perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget. Book a 30-minute skincare consultation for $75 and have your consultation fee applicable towards treatment purchases over $150 booked within 90 following your consultation.

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