Introducing Dr. Jacky Lo

February 14, 2020

Doctor's Orders 

We’re excited to welcome our newest Cosmetic Physician Dr. Jacky Lo to our Richmond location this March. Read on to get the scoop on the treatments he’ll be offering and his unique approach…plus his current favourite video game!

Project Skin Vancouver Jacky Lo

Hi, Dr. Lo! What made you want to join the team at Project Skin MD?

I first met the Project Skin team a year ago when I attended a physician meeting hosted at the clinic. During my visit, I was impressed by Dr. McGillivray’s comprehensive approach to aesthetic treatments and the efficient management of his practice. The aesthetic industry is constantly evolving and I am confident that this team will be on top of all the new developments.

When it comes to your work, what are you most passionate about?

One of my favourite things about my job is helping patients navigate through the different options in modern skincare and aesthetic treatments. I believe that health education is an important component of the physician-patient relationship and by having a better understanding of what we are treating and how we are doing it, we can help patients set more realistic expectations which I believe will ultimately lead to better results.

Project Skin Jacky Lo Jawline Fillers Before After 1 Take a look at some of Dr. Lo’s recent injectables results. Above: Before and after dermal fillers for jawline.

Which experiences most shaped the Physician you are today?

Growing up with numerous skin conditions, I experienced first-hand the impact that skin diseases can have on a patient’s life and how transformative treatments can be. Since working as a physician, I always try to make an effort to not only manage the patient’s medical condition but to ask the patient how the condition has affected his or her day to day life.

What can patients expect from you?

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, there is no one size fits all. I think patients can expect someone who will work together with them to come up with a personalized plan that will produce optimal results while maintaining the natural integrity of their face. I believe that good cosmetic treatments should be subtle and leave the patient looking refreshed. I am fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and will be offering all injectable services and some procedural services including mole and skin tag removal.

Project Skin Vancouver Jacky Lo Belkyra Before After Above: Before and after treatment with Belkyra.

You’re also a registered dietician – does that influence how you think about dermatology?

Absolutely – when it comes to the skin, there is increasing evidence in the literature to suggest a link between diet and dermatology. For example, we now know that dairy products and high glycemic index foods (those that cause a rapid spike in the blood sugar such as refined carbohydrates) can contribute to acne. And just like how fad and crash diets don’t work for weight loss, healthy skin does not develop overnight and requires patience and consistency.

What do you love to do when you’re not on the job?

When I am not at work, I like to stay active with Crossfit and running around the kitchen; these days I’m teaching myself how to cook Korean and Japanese staple dishes. For those of you who play video games, I’ve also recently discovered Stardew Valley and the joys of farming. I’m also an avid horror movie fan so I can always be found herding my friends to the theatres.

Is there anything patients would be surprised to learn about you?

I am incredibly terrified about getting my blood drawn though I have no qualms about drawing for other people. In fact, when lab techs try to distract me and ask me what I do for work, I get embarrassed and tell them I work as an accountant.

Project Skin Jacky Lo Jawline Filler Before After 2 Above: Before and after dermal fillers for cheeks and lower face.

How has your research or continuing education influenced your approach?

Research and education in the aesthetic industry has changed tremendously over the last 20 years and what was considered to be the norm in the past is no longer common practice. Therefore, I think it’s important to constantly re-evaluate current practices and challenge the status-quo. I make an effort to attend different aesthetic conferences every year to ensure that I am offering the most up to date treatments for my patients.

What do you love most about Vancouver?

I really enjoy the pace of life and love how close we are to the mountains and the ocean; it truly is a beautiful place to live. Of course, there’s also the food; there are so many great choices though dessert remains my favourite – Earnest Ice Cream to be exact.

What has been your favourite travel destination, and where would you like to go next?

Japan is hands down my favourite place to visit. There is something for everybody – from good food to hot springs and themed cafes. As for where I will be heading next, my brother and I are in the talks of taking my parents to South Africa to see the safari; we think it would be a memorable destination for us to experience as a family.

Sounds exciting! Thanks, Dr. Lo!

Get in touch with us to book a consultation with Dr. Lo for injectables, mole and skin tag removal, acne consultations and anti-aging consultations.

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