NEW at PS: Introducing Custom D.O.S.E.

May 17, 2019


The future of skincare is completely customizable.

We have great news. There’s a new skincare system in town – and it lets us customize your skincare in a completely revolutionary way!

Project Skin MD is the first clinic in Canada to offer Custom D.O.S.E. by SkinCeuticals, a system that allows us to address and remedy your skin concerns like never before. This unique technology whips up a specialized recipe for a personalized, corrective serum that precisely addresses your needs – right before your eyes! The Custom D.O.S.E system combines high-potency ingredients with advanced algorithms and professional expertise. This serum is crafted just for you and will evolve with your skin.

Project Skin Vancouver SkinCeuticals Custom Dose 2

Contact us at [email protected] to get your Custom D.O.S.E!

» No more guessing when it comes to treatments: a combination of innovative technology and professional expertise allow us to understand your skin and all its idiosyncrasies like never before.

» Watch as we formulate a custom serum made just for you using the Custom D.O.S.E. compounder.

» Bookings available from 9AM – 6PM at our South Granville location on May 30th and 31st, and June 4th and 7th.

How does D.O.S.E. work?

  1. It starts with a complimentary 30-minute consultation at Project Skin MD Vancouver. We’ll ask you some diagnostic questions and take photos of your skin’s starting point.
  2. D.O.S.E. technology feeds the snapshots of your skin and the results of your analysis through a series of 85,000 algorithms; allowing the compounding machine to formulate a unique corrective serum recipe.
  3. The formula is precisely measured and mixed as you watch. You’re then able to purchase your one-of-a-kind SkinCeuticals serum with active ingredients selected just for you.
  4. You’ll be given special instructions and your bottle will be labelled with a custom barcode for easy reordering.
  5. Every three months your serum can be replenished and adjusted based on season, progress, and any aesthetic procedures you’re planning. Your serum evolves with you!

Our Business Director, Vanessa Grutman, tried D.O.S.E. for the first time this month!

Project Skin Custom Dose Vanessa 1

Vanessa says she loved how personal the consult and treatment was. Her own personal D.O.S.E. was the emulsion base with 0.3% retinol, licorice and mulberry extract (natural agents for brightening) and 10% proxylane (to help prevent glycation leading to wrinkle formation). Vanessa mentions how special it is to have a custom product made just for your skin profile: “The texture of my serum is wonderful and it’s special because it’s not something currently available in the SkinCeuticals portfolio.” She mentions that the retinol in her formula (in the 0.3 concentration) was stronger and more effective than any retinol she’s used before. “I can see my dead skin cells being sloughed off to reveal a brighter complexion. I’m very impressed already and it’s only been 1 week!

Project Skin Custom Dose Vanessa 2

Project Skin Custom Dose Vanessa 3

Why is D.O.S.E. the future of skincare?

Skincare is a complicated language – and D.O.S.E. is the ultimate translator. Understanding each patient’s skin is like learning a new language. Even when you speak fluently, there are hundreds of dialects and ways of speaking. For example, two patients who both have combination skin and adult acne may still require very different products for a myriad of reasons. Custom D.O.S.E. takes the conversation to the next level for an at-home skincare plan that’s customized in a way you’ve never experienced before. At Project Skin MD, we’ve always been passionate about building the right treatment plan for your unique skincare journey. Now D.O.S.E. gives us control over the product itself.

Leading dermatologists, scientists and engineers spent years creating the Custom D.O.S.E. machine, and now it can whip up a customized serum just for you in minutes. We love well researched, undeniably effective products like this one. And we think you will too. An average 18% improvement in skin texture and tone was found in more than 500 subjects who tried Custom D.O.S.E.

How much does D.O.S.E. cost?

For $250, you’ll receive a customized serum that addresses all your skin concerns. The consultation is complimentary, so you can ask questions and explore the possibilities. Vanessa points out that although the price point of Custom D.O.S.E. is slightly higher than the rest of the SkinCeuticals line, the value for your money is in the custom serum: “The product is made fresh in real-time! This also means that the serum contains less preservatives. As a result, it’s a cleaner product which is right up my alley.”

Contact us to book your consultation!

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