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Vancouver’s CoolSculpting Craze

October 30, 2019

Doctor's Orders 

Dealing with excess fat? Chill out and watch it fade away.

You may have love handles you don’t love, a bulge from pregnancy, or back fat that has become more lax over time. Even small fat deposits can have a big impact on our day-to-day confidence. That’s why we love CoolSculpting®: it’s effective, non-invasive, and comfortable as it freezes away unwanted fat. 

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Why is CoolSculpting so popular in Vancouver?

CoolSculpting® is a popular treatment with fans of our Vancouver clinic. This is partly due to its accessibility: it’s a small time commitment in exchange for proven long-term results. This innovative treatment freezes and destroys fat cells, which are then eliminated by your body over time. Targeted fat freezing that lasts but doesn’t require surgery or downtime? Sign me up. Check out the video below to see what the CoolSculpting experience is like at Project Skin MD!

A solution for more stubborn fat.

Are you exercising and living a healthy lifestyle? Then you know how good it feels to be connected to your body. As Vancouverites, we’re lucky to be able to exercise and be active outdoors year-round. Feeling strong and healthy offers a huge boost of confidence. But you’re also likely familiar with the burden that an unrelenting bit of fat can bring, especially when it doesn’t budge after exercise! This is where CoolSculpting comes in. Fit treatments in on your lunchtime work break, before work, or schedule them on weekends and watch your favourite Netflix show while you wait.

What’s CoolSculpting really like?

Angela Haff, RN and CoolSculpting specialist at Project Skin MD, debunked common CoolSculpting myths for us. Check out her blog for the real deal.

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