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Beauty Decoded at Project Skin MD

October 11, 2019

Doctor's Orders 

On October 2nd, Project Skin MD hosted a round table breakfast with local media guests and our physician team for a discussion on injectable artistry and the preconceived notions surrounding this topic. As our first ever event focused on injectable treatments, we were excited to share our views and open the floor for a candid discussion.

This event supported the launch of the new Beauty Decoded campaign by Allergan. The objective of this campaign is to educate patients and allow them to feel inspired and empowered to make informed decisions about facials fillers and which treatments are right for them.

Project Skin Vancouver Beauty Decoded 3

One of the key focuses of our discussion was debunking myths and addressing common fears that accompany the use of injectables. One of the concerns we hear most frequently is the potential of looking unnatural. Images of celebrities with overdone results often circulate and can understandably create a negative stigma or apprehension surrounding the use of injectable treatments. Unfortunately, it’s true that some physicians get carried away and proceed with treatments that the patient may want, but does not truly need in order to accomplish their aesthetic goals. 

This is why we feel so strongly about the importance of finding a physician that has the highest levels of ethics and the best interests of the patient at heart. At Project Skin MD, we don’t just consider the immediate results of a treatment – we want to help you develop a plan for the future and become your companions on your aging journey. During the event, we were proud to showcase our portfolio of injectable results that we feel illustrates our desire to help you look like a more refreshed version of yourself – rather than someone else entirely. We are always happy to present patients with examples of our results during consultations.

Project Skin Vancouver Beauty Decoded 6

Another concern that was brought up was the possibility of an injectable filler moving around the face and away from its intended location over time. Dr. McGillivray gave examples of how this can occur when the product is not injected properly in the correct location and at the correct depth. This risk is most commonly present when an injector is inexperienced or underqualified, and as such does not have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy. Every injectable product has a specific indication that must be respected in order to create beautiful, long-lasting results.

Guests received a SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier serum to try – our favourite post-filler skincare product.

You may have seen some dynamic new advertisements promoting Juvéderm It, a campaign designed to reflect the empowerment that expert injectable treatments can inspire – we see this in our patients every day! 

We’d like to thank all of our media guests for contributing to a lively and engaging discussion. As always, we would love the opportunity to talk about your goals and address your concerns during a consultation. We are offering free injectables consultations with our Aesthetic Physician Dr. Janet Ip during our next Beauty Decoded events on Wednesday, October 23rd and 30th, from 9AM to 1PM. Space is limited, so email us to book your spot!

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