Curious about Microblading? Your questions answered by our resident artist and expert, Christine Palylyk

November 12, 2020

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If you have experienced a laser treatment at Project Skin MD, you’ve likely had the opportunity to meet our vivacious and compassionate technician, Christine Palylyk. What you may not know, however, is that Christine augments her technical treatment offerings at PS with a passion project of her own, her microblading business!

In our latest episode of IGTV, Business Director Vanessa Grutman had a virtual chat with Christine to answer all your microblading questions, discuss what makes a treatment with Christine unique, and explain why the treatment is a total game-changer – speaking from experience, as Vanessa has received microblading from Christine herself!

Read on for the Microblading Q&A and Vanessa’s before and after photos*

*Vanessa’s treatment was completed prior to the COVID-2019 Pandemic, all present appointments are carried out with the necessary PPE!

Project Skin MD Lyly Ink Microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique for the eyebrows. It uses a hand tool instead of a machine to deposit pigment in a pattern that matches fine hair-strokes to create a flattering, natural-looking brow for men and women. The hand tool allows for incredible precision and artistry, so Christine can create a timeless look that suits each of her clients perfectly.

What is the treatment process?

Before proceeding with any treatment, Christine will consult with her clients to determine their unique desires and preferences. She then accesses the client’s facial geometry to map out where the brow should start and finish, and where the brow arch should be positioned. Then, using a caliper, she will determine the most aesthetically pleasing distance between the brows, distance from the start of the brow to the arch, and the length from the start of the brow to the end – it is both and art-form and a science! At this point, she stops to show her vision to the client, to make any changes before beginning the treatment.

Project Skin MD Lyly Ink Microblading_8

After the perfect brow has been mapped out, Christine will outline the shape with a surgical marker and then apply a topical numbing cream. Once the numbing cream has sat for 30 minutes, she will begin the first of three treatment “passes”, using the hand tool dipped into the treatment pigment. She fills the brow with pigment strokes in a hair growth pattern, creating a natural look that blends beautifully with the client’s natural brow.

Project Skin MD Lyly Ink Microblading_3

Does microblading hurt?

With use of the topical numbing cream, most of Christine’s clients do not experience any pain during treatment, and compare the sensation to one similar to shaving – a gentle pressure, slight pulling sensation and scraping sound. There are some individuals who do not respond to numbing, and these individuals have reported minor discomfort during the first treatment pass, but nothing too painful.

How long do the results last?

On average, the results typically last for 18-24 months before needing a refresher treatment. Results vary based on the client’s skin type and the colour of pigment used, with delicate, dry skin types holding the crisp hair-like definition longer than oily skin types, and darker pigments lasting longer than lighter ones before fading.

How much does the treatment cost?

A microblading treatment consists of 2 appointments (an initial consultation and treatment, and a touch-up treatment 6-10 weeks later) and costs $600 + tax for the package. Refresher treatments booked within the one year of your initial series cost $200, within two years cost $300, and within three years cost $400, before returning to the initial price.

What sets a treatment apart from other microblading options?

Christine uses a tailored approach to each of her client’s brow needs and desires. As opposed to creating a trendy, thick brow on every client, she helps determine the thickness, shape, shade and length of brow that will best enhance your natural look. Christine books her treatments in two appointment series: an initial consultation and treatment, and a touch up treatment 6-10 weeks after the first. She takes a conservative approach in the first treatment to ensure the final result is never more dramatic than intended. She is always happy to add a little more thickness or tint in the second appointment to help you achieve your best look.

Project Skin MD Vancouver_Vanessa_Microblading_B&A_3 Project Skin MD Vancouver_Vanessa_Microblading_B&A_2 Project Skin MD Vancouver_Vanessa_Microblading_B&A

As you can see in Vanessa’s before and after photos above, the result is subtle, but opens her eyes and gives her a refreshed look. For Vanessa, the time saved in her morning routine by waking up with flawless brows is priceless – just a swipe of mascara and she is ready to go!

Another advantage of a treatment is that it is offered in our beautiful Project Skin MD clinic. Being a medical facility, Christine has always had access to necessary PPE, high quality sterilization tools and best practices, and of course our Medical Director, Dr. McGillivray, should there ever be any medical concerns or questions from her clients!

To learn more about and view Christine’s before & after photo gallery, you can check out her website or follow her Instagram

Contact us to book your microblading treatment today, and mention our IGTV video to secure $50 off your first treatment!

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