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Our solution for summer skin hydration: Juvederm Volite!

July 14, 2021

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Sometimes, our skin needs a little extra help to keep hydrated in the hotter months.

To build the foundation of a dewy glow, we start with proper water consumption (at least 8 glasses of H2O a day!) and locking moisture on the surface of the skin with quality products. But if you are looking for our best kept secret to maintain a dewy glow, look no further than Juvéderm® VOLITE™!

Project Skin MD Volite

With results lasting up to 9 months, treatment with Juvéderm® VOLITE™ enhances overall skin quality and texture, provides deep hydration, smooths fine lines and improves skin radiance.

How, you might ask? Unlike it’s volume-building Dermal Filler counterparts, VOLITE™ is a skin conditioning Hyaluronic Acid (HA) treatment, that restores healthy amounts of HA and boosts internal moisture. HA is a sugar found naturally in the body and responsible for our skin’s plumpness. Through micro-injections, VOLITE™ re-introduces HA beneath the skin surface, increasing hydration, firmness, and luminosity. It even helps build collagen, improving skin elasticity and firmness over time!

Project Skin MD Volite

It is a favourite treatment amongst our Project Skin MD doctors:

“VOLITE™ is a great option for people who want to improve their overall skin quality, including hydration and elasticity, without changing the way they look. What I love about VOLITE™ is the longevity of its results. While skin care products containing hyaluronic acid can help plump the skin, the results are not long lasting as the size of the molecule is too large to penetrate through the skin barrier. One treatment of VOLITE™, on the other hand, can last up to 9 months,” explains Dr. Lo.

“The most popular reason I have recommended VOLITE™ to my patients is for their necklace or “tech neck” lines. I find 2 syringes is typically necessary to treat this entire area with good effect,” ads Dr. Ip.

“The ideal person who will benefit from VOLITE™ will be those with early signs of aging including fine lines, dry skin and mild acne scars. Volite is also a great option for people with necklace lines and mild sun damage to the decolletage area,” shares Dr. Lo.

Our PS Vancouver Clinic Director recently tried this treatment:

“VOLITE™ did wonders to improve the general hydration and radiance of my skin. Great for improving skin dried out from summer sun exposure, VOLITE™ would also be a perfect solution to treat dry skin from harsh winter weather! It is a great introductory treatment for anyone who is new to injectables and looking for a subtle result.”

– PS Clinic Director Jennifer Ransom

Project Skin MD Volite

Disclaimer: These photos are published for information purposes only to provide information on the nature of the treatment. They do not constitute a guarantee of results and are taken from our patient file photo management system with permission. Juvéderm® VOLITE™ is an injectable treatment performed by a trained physician or registered nurse. As with any injectable treatment there is a risk of temporary bruising and swelling.

You can watch a VOLITE™ treatment with Dr. Lo in action on our PS IGTV Channel here.

We recommend you book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable physicians to determine if this treatment is right for you!

We are here to support and empower you to feel your best in your skin. Contact us to book your a consultation to tailor a skincare plan uniquely for you, that is aligned with your goals – and your budget!

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