The Vein Event at Project Skin MD.

July 25, 2018

Doctor's Orders 

Roxanne Hallgren, RN, Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Nurse, is our queen of all things veins and complete package of love and light at Project Skin MD.


We’ve all got veins but many of us don’t know how to choose a vein clinic (see here) or how to assess them to know which type we have! Roxanne to the rescue!


How do you self-assess your veins to determine what type you have?

Step one.

Visit the ‘The Online Vein Self – Assessment’ provided by The American College of Phlebology here!

Step two.

Fill in your personal information, this should take about five minutes.

The site also shares some interesting facts, such as:

  • Adults aged 35 and older are more likely to be affected by vein issues;
  • Women are significantly more likely than men to suffer from vein disease.
  • Up to 55% of women may be affected in their lifetime.


Step three:

Eventually you’ll come to some photos of different types of veins. We only treat group C1 type of veins at PS, so if you fall under this category, our vein clinic is for you!

When looking to have veins treated, always look for a physician, nurse, or allied healthcare person with a background in Phlebology (the study of veins). The Canadian Society of Phlebology offers physicians and nurses the ability to attain what is called an Elected Fellow membership that shows that the nurse or physician has met a certain set of educational criteria related to the study of veins.


We are so grateful to have Roxanne on our team, who is the only nurse to hold this elected Fellow designation in British Columbia!

Curious to see what a sclerotherapy session looks like? Here is a preview of Roxanne performing a treatment below:

Cosmetic treatment of veins is not a benefit of the Medical Services Plan of BC.

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